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Antique Desks are our Speciality

We sell beautiful good quality genuine antique desks, antique writing tables, library tables and desk chairs. We spend a great deal of time and care restoring them using traditional methods to maintain their beauty, integrity and value. We ship worldwide with antique specialist shippers offering insurance so your furniture arrives at your door just as it leaves ours.
We use only traditional restoration methods, french polishing (never using varnish) to maintain the beauty, the integrity, and value of each piece of furniture. 

Customer Quotes Hi Gavin, I thought I would drop you a quick line to say how pleased I am with it! It is always difficult to judge colour correctly from a photograph on a computer screen so there was a certain element of trepidation when I agreed to buy it without seeing it! I need not have worried and it fits in perfectly. Once again thank you. Kind regards, Mark Taylor, (London)Customer Quotes

View Our Antique Desks in Person?

Why not visit us in Kidderminster Worcestershire to view our stock in person. We work from home and are can open up our small warehouse to customers on most days of the week,  so why not give us a call?   Simply contact us to arrange a convenient date and time for your visit.
Customer Comments  "To anyone who is concerned about using this wonderful company.....please don't be worried!    We bought two desks, one was a lovely French and another Mahogany table desk. This company was personable, helpful and sent the desks to us in Denver with NO complications. They followed up to make sure we were happy and also provided cups under the desk to make sure they were of the optimal height. We were hesitant buying items so expensive online, but can honestly say our high expectations were exceeded! One of our customer reviews on
  Customer Comments
Customer Quotes Hi Kathi,  The desk and chair are fantastic!
I appreciate everything you did to get them here as described!
Your customer service is beyond reproach! 
Thanks again! Stephen, (Florida USA)    
Hi Kathi, 
The antique desk arrived this morning and we are so pleased with the condition of the desk.
Thank you for your patience towards delivery.
With our being out of the country and the hurricanes, it has extended the shipping time. 
At last, it is here and we are thrilled.
Best wishes ,  S Hagel,  Florida USA   Customer Quotes
Antique Partner's Desk and Desk Chairs

What are you looking for?

Advice on Buying Antique Furniture

Are you looking to buy an antique desk, writing table or antique desk chair? If you are unsure where to start we have a few pointers to here Originality and Authenticity: The reproduction furniture market is as popular as ever offering new or recently made or vintage reproduction antique furniture. These pieces can still command a high price for the workmanship involved however they will not hold their value over the longer term. If you are reading this we assume you are looking for a genuine antique piece of furniture and looking for some advice. Choose a reputable antique dealer If you are looking for a genuine antique piece of furniture it is wise to choose a reputable antique dealer. Look for a business that has the backing of a professional association such as LAPADA, this will ensure that they operate by a strict code of conduct, 
Advice on Buying an antique desk

Investing in Antique Furniture?

It is clear that many more people are looking at the conservation and restoration of good quality furniture. As an investment, it can make good sense to put your savings into something you are going to use and enjoy probably for the rest of your life and be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren.  Gone are the cheap throw away pieces of furniture, the shabby chic and the plank like oak furniture knocked together from flat packs from India and China. More savvy customers choose to invest in quality antique furniture nowadays. Although brown furniture did see a slump in popularity in England it has remained popular in Italy, USA and Canada as well as many European countries. And we are pleased to see that in the UK is now seeing a resurgence again. We trust that the general buying public continues to value the beauty, quality and expert workmanship that antique furniture has to offer. 

Care of Antique Furniture and Desks

Polishing and Cleaning:
Waxing with a good quality polish based on beeswax brings out the color and grain of the wood and provides protection. Do not use spray polishes as these often contain a large amount of water which will adversely affect french polished surfaces and leave white marks. Put a small amount of polish on a soft cloth and rub the piece until the wax on the cloth shines. This will burnish the surface and evaporate any solvent. Then polish with a clean duster.
If possible, apply the wax at night to allow it to nourish the wood and polish regularly until a good patina has developed. Normally, wax polish need not be used more than once every few months as too much wax will cause dullness and absorb dust.  However, frequent dusting is important, using a clean, dry, soft duster.Care of antique desks and furniture