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About Buying an Antique Desk

Buying an antique desk can be a daunting undertaking if you are unsure where to start.
We have a few pointer here to help you think through what to look for in a desk and a suppler.
For example we would suggest finding a reputable antique dealer rather than risking a purchase from an online auction site
who's descriptions may not be accurate.
So we would recommend finding an antique furniture dealer who offers customer protection, has a returns policy
if you are not happy and can supply a certificate of authenticity on the age and description of the piece you are buying.
Look for a business that has the backing of a professional association such as LAPADA, or CINOA, which operates with a strict code of conduct.
Antique Mahogany Partners Desk

About Burrells Antique Desks

We are a small family business  specialising in antique desks, writing tables, library tables and desk chairs.
With over 40 years experience in the antique furniture profession we have the experience and knowledge necessary to find and
professionally restore good quality desks for customers around the world.
Each piece is selected for its quality, authenticity, and serviceability.
We then take time and care ensuring each peice is sympathetically restored in the time honoured manner using only traditional methods.
This respects the history and authenticity of the antique desk restores it's beauty and retains its value.
So you can be confident you have found a genuine antique, in beautiful condition, ready for your home or office. 
We are happy to show you our stock but as we work from home please contact us  before your visit.
Antique French Writing Desk

Viewing our Stock in Person:

You are welcome to view our stock in person  just  contact us to arrange a convenient date and time as we work from home.
We just need a little some to ensure we are available and to open up the warehouse for you.


We are Members of LAPADA

The LAPADA Code of Practice also ensures that all items for sale in a member’s shop or at a fair must be clearly and correctly labelled including the price: LAPADA members are not permitted to use confusing codes. When you buy from a LAPADA member you will be given a written invoice stating their trading name, address and telephone number, date of sale, brief description of the item(s) – including the approximate date, any major restoration or alteration to the item since original manufacture – and the price paid.

What are you looking for?

Investing in Antique Furniture?

In the current climate we are more concerned about the environment and appreciate again good quality furniture that will last and last for generations. We may not always wish to keep our antique furniture forever but we will have the opportunity to pass it on to our relatives or sell it on and invest in something else.
Investing in Antique Furniture

Care of Antique Furniture

Polishing and Cleaning: Waxing with a good quality polish based on beeswax brings out the color and grain of the wood and provides protection. Do not use spray polishes as these often contain a large amount of water which will adversely affect french polished surfaces and leave white marks.
Care of antique desks and furniture